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5 years of Jacinda, 1 political achievement and the last two reasons left to vote for her in 2023

This week marks Jacinda’s 5 years as Prime Minister and in half a decade we have so little transformative change to celebrate.

There are only a number of Union Wellington and NGO press releases proclaiming a “big first step” from Jacinda before you suddenly realize you’re just jogging in place.

And it’s been 5 years that it’s Labor, jogging on the spot.

27,000 are on waiting lists for emergency accommodation, more children live in cars than when Labor came to power in 2017 and a million a day is spent caring for beneficiaries in motels dangerous.

The complete lack of transformative change on well-being, poverty, inequality, climate change and housing is entirely due to Jacinda’s refusal to bully Wellington’s bureaucrats and the dependence of the working middle class to the professional executive class (who are all petty real estate speculators now) led to failures to force the selfish civil service to do something for the people who voted Jacinda in Hope.

Labor has overseen the largest transfer of wealth to the wealthy in New Zealand history and they spend a billion a year on consultants so that Neale Jones, Clint Smith and Davey Cormack can pay the mortgage.

Wise public relations consultant for the Cormack Draper Group and Wellington political commentator David Cormack, the Ruminator speaks.

We believe you Dave.

Isn’t there a cheaper way to keep Neale, Clint and Dave off welfare?

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The work was a failure due to a lack of real leadership to genuinely challenge neoliberal interests, whether in ministry or in the economy.

I’m not looking for labor socialism anymore, just basic regulated capitalism, and you can’t even get it right.

The great political success of this government has been the fair wage agreements which will finally put in place procedures for New Zealand workers to use collective bargaining to force the bosses to pay them better and offer better working conditions sure. Obviously, the right is shouting it because the right is addicted to the low-wage economy which it exploits ruthlessly.

Let’s be very honest about the only two reasons why you should vote Labor next year.

The first was the leadership masterclass Jacinda gave to challenge QAnon’s antivax savage crazies and death cult capitalists by protecting us from 32,000 Covid deaths!

Was the personal sacrifice high?


Was the economic cost high?


Do the recent revelations from Pfizer that the vaccine did not stop transmission suddenly prove all the anti-vaxxers right?

No way…

Fact Check – Prevention of Transmission Ever Required for Initial Approval of COVID Vaccines; Pfizer vax reduced the transmission of the first variants

Social media users are streaming video clips of testimony from a Pfizer executive, who allegedly ‘admitted’ the company and its partner BioNTech failed to test whether their mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine reduced transmission of the virus. virus before deploying it – which is something the companies were not required to do for initial regulatory approval, nor have they claimed to have done so.

To get emergency approval, companies had to show that the vaccines were safe and kept vaccinated people from getting sick. They didn’t have to show that the vaccine would also prevent people from passing the virus on to others. Once the vaccines were on the market, independent researchers from several countries studied people who received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and showed that vaccination reduced the transmission of variants circulating at the time.

As these transmission findings emerged in early 2021, national health authorities in many countries implemented or proposed vaccine passport-style regulations that sparked ongoing debate (here) on the ethical and legal basis of the rules.

The misleading messages imply that national restrictions such as vaccine passports were based on a promise of vaccines blocking the spread of the virus that neither companies nor EU regulators made before the vaccines were on the market.

…Jacinda’s courage to go hard and go early caused deep anger and dislocation in society, but it would have claimed 32,000 lives!

We all sacrificed ourselves, some more than others, but we all paid a pound of flesh to get through this horror and while the answer wasn’t perfect, the truth is we were blindly running through it. a once in a century pandemic and Jacinda has seen us through it better than most.

The job deserves a damn vote of gratitude!

The second reason to vote for Labor in 2023 is the reality that even though Labor has failed on almost every promise of transformation, their broken promises will still be a much better outcome than what National and ACT will do if they gain access to the power !

Taking a chainsaw in the face of an underfunded state that barely has the capacity to do the things we demand of it is not a solution, it is ideological vandalism!

The sacking of 14,000 civil servants, tax cuts for the wealthy and the amputation of political Maori, youth, women, Pacifica and ethnic voices while cutting the Human Rights Commission is a recipe for a divisive politics like we have never seen before.

You honestly think Maori will have all the gains of the last 182 years taken away from them, don’t you?

Can everyone remind everyone that Liz Truss is a libertarian and her crazy free market bullshit is the same neoliberal mythology that ACT and National want to implement if she is elected in 2023?

I know that a vote of gratitude felt next to a lesser of two evils vote is nothing to get upset about, but that’s why democracy is the worst form of government – except for all others that have been tried.

Labor gives socialism a bad name, but National and ACT will be far worse.

Don’t even get me started on the damn greens!

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