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78 MEPs call for a more sensible EU climate policy

A total of 78 MEPs from 14 countries have signed a Polish initiative calling on the European Commission to consider regional differences and stop increasing energy poverty when introducing climate policy regulations, it said on Tuesday. Fidesz MEP András Gyürk.

Gyürk said in a statement that the initiative published in the form of an open letter was an “important movement against the growing attempts to pressure from the left”.

“We have demonstrated our strength against left-wing green ideology,” he added.

The signatories of the initiative welcomed the EC’s plan to give a green classification to investments in nuclear energy and natural gas, Gyürk said. At the same time, they said Brussels does not sufficiently take into account regional differences and does not act against energy poverty. In order to effect change, more resources need to be made available for projects involving nuclear power and natural gas, as these are needed to keep utility costs low and meet climate goals, did he declare.

As a first step, the signatories called on Brussels to improve its proposal for taxonomy regulations, Gyürk said.

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featured image via Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI