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Aaron Rodgers Did Not Violate NFL Drug Policy By Using Hallucinogenic Ayahuasca

As we inch closer to the season, reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers continued his annual press tour where he confounds the media en route to undoubtedly another stellar season. Just weeks after Rodger revealed his new tattoo, leading to even more speculation in the press, Rodgers revealed that a particular drug had helped him during his two stellar MVP seasons.

According to Rodgers, the hallucinogenic ayahuasca was a key factor in his surreal acting. Although it may seem like a PED, according to users, the drug helps in personal insight and growth.

Rodgers first discovered the drug while on a trip to Peru. “I have a dear friend that I’ve known for 25 years who took an ayahuasca trip in 2019,” he said. “He came back, and we played golf one day and he told me everything. I said, okay, I think it’s about time I did. So we organized a trip to Peru [in 2020] and I had a great experience. Then I went back this offseason and had another great experience. Different, very different. Different size group, different number of days.

Wikipedia says that “People who have consumed ayahuasca report having mystical experiences and spiritual revelations regarding their purpose on earth, the true nature of the universe, and a deep understanding of how to be the best person possible. .. Westerners usually describe the experiences with psychological terms like “death of the ego”.

His encounter with drugs has raised some eyebrows in the league when it comes to the NFL’s drug policy, but many, including the Packers head coach Matt Lafleur said, “I really haven’t given it much thought” when asked about potential league discipline.

NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said ayahuasca would not have triggered a positive drug addiction test result or the PED Policy Test under league and NFLPA regulations. The psychoactive component of the drug is DMT and is currently illegal in the United States.

As for Rodgers, he is preparing for one of the toughest seasons of his career, a year away from an early exit from the playoffs, with a limited receiving corps. Let’s see how life changing ayahuasca can be.

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