Regulatory policy

Basic taxi fares, passenger safety in draft policy. Details here

The Delhi government has shared a draft Motor Vehicle Aggregators Scheme, 2021 comprising of rules and regulations that taxi aggregators such as Ola, Uber will have to follow if implemented. The draft taxi policy includes rules regarding taxi fares, driver ratings, passenger safety, and more. .

Taxi aggregators must ensure the registration of all on-board driver-partners and their vehicles in use. The driving license of all driver-partners will be compulsory, but the permits granted will only be valid for one year. The license will be renewed by the Department of Transportation at the request of the aggregator.

In the event that a driver-partner has 15% or more complaints in a month, taxi aggregators will need to take appropriate action. For a driver with a rating of less than 3.5 over a period of one year, the taxi aggregator will undergo corrective training and corrective measures to correct the problems.

Additionally, in a bid to tackle air pollution in Delhi, the city government has proposed that taxi aggregators must increase their fleet of electric vehicles by 25% within two years of the day of the granting of the license. For two-wheeled electric vehicles, the fleet should be increased by 50% in the same period.

The program also emphasizes passenger safety, stipulating that a control room operating 24 hours a day will be mandatory to have the real-time location of taxis and rapid action in the event of a complaint.

It indicates that the panic button will be mandatory and that drivers with less than 3.5 ratings must be trained by the aggregators.

Aggregators will also have to share details of their driver-partners with the Department of Transport, Government of Delhi.

The scheme will be applicable to aggregators with at least 50 motor vehicles in their fleet.

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