Redistributive policy

DDA holds public meetings to dispel doubts about land pooling policy

To answer questions from the public and dispel doubts about the land-pooling policy, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has held public meetings in the villages of Tigipur and Mohammadpur-Ramzanpur here, according to an official statement issued on Wednesday.

Issues regarding the land pooling policy, proposed amendments, consortium formation arrangements, External Development Charge (EDC) issue, 60:40 land division and implementation at Soil policy were discussed at public meetings held on Saturday, the statement said.

DDA (Land Pooling) Commissioner Tariq Thomas and Director (Land Pooling) Amrish Kumar were present at the public meetings along with other officials and staff from the department and social organizations in Delhi Dehat.

Traders and builders also participated in the meetings and discussed key points regarding the implementation of the policy.

”The Commissioner and the Director of Land Mutualization listened to the issues and concerns of landowners, developers and stakeholders and clarified all the points, including the process for forming the consortium and the planned timelines, the construction of the section EUR-II falling under the P-II area connecting NH-1 to Bandh Road.

“Issues such as collection of stamp duty only on actual sale of land/buildings and not at the time of pooling/redistribution of plots, approval of additional development control standards for pooling of land, formulation and notification of SOPs for transfer resumption, EDC amount issues, among others, have also been clarified,’ the statement said.

He further stated that Delhi Dehat Vikas Manch and other participating organizations, developers and stakeholders welcomed the public notice of consortium formation issued by DDA in Sectors 2 and 3 of Area P-II and the sector 10A of zone-N.

After the meeting, DDA officials hoped that the land pooling policy would soon start on the ground and show good progress with the positive cooperation of landowners, developers, investors and stakeholders, according to the statement. .

The DDA also indicated that five other sectors in three zones – P-II, N and L – are under study or going through a process of reconciliation for the publication of a provisional notice for the formation of a consortium.

“These sectors are sectors 1, 7 and 8 in zone P-II, sector 11 in zone N and sector 3 in zone L,” the statement said.

The Delhi Land Policy was notified in 2018 to foster land development in partnership with landowners to make them equal partners in the development process.

The policy is currently applicable to Delhi’s urban sprawl areas comprising 104 villages belonging to J, KI, L, N, PI and P-II areas.

The entire area is divided into 129 sectors and on average each sector is expected to accommodate a population of 80,000 to one lakh. The total land pooled under the policy is 7,298 hectares, according to the statement.

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