Regulatory policy

drone: Guidelines for taking off: the State will announce its policy for the use of drones | Ahmedabad News

Gandhinagar: After the government of India recently announced a program for the use of drones in agriculture, the government of Gujarat plans to develop a mechanism to promote and regulate the use of drones in the state. The state government plans to use drones in various government functions and promote their use in the private sector as well.
Sources familiar with the development said that following the Center’s program in the budget to promote the use of drone technology in agriculture, high-level discussions were held to ensure the success of the program in the state. “In addition to formulating rules modeled on the Center’s guidelines for the use of drone technology, the state government intends to use the technology to improve the efficiency of various government departments,” a source said.
“The state Department of Interior plans to use drones for surveillance and law and order. There is huge potential for the use of commercial drones, which needs to be regulated for safety reasons. The state government therefore proposes to create a policy framework and regulatory mechanism for the use of drones in the public and private sector. A license and regulatory mechanism will be announced shortly. Private agencies and individuals who wish to use drones for various purposes will be listed,” the sources said.
The state government is also considering adding a state subsidy component for drones for agricultural and other purposes. “Drone manufacturing will also be promoted in the state. The government will classify drones and issue guidelines for use. According to central government guidelines, ‘no drone flight’ areas will be notified, considering the security needs of various vital facilities,” a source added.