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Ernst named chairman of the GOP political committee | New

(Washington) — Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst has won a top job with the National Republican Party.

The Red Oak Republican Wednesday was unanimously elected to chair the Republican Policy Committee. Ernst has served as vice-chair of the committee for the past four years. Speaking on KMA’s “Morning Line” Thursday morning, Ernst said she is honored to be the committee chair and hopes to unify the party.

“No matter who’s in charge,” Ernst said, “it’s really time for Republicans to unite behind a conservative agenda. And that’s what we can do on the Republican Policy Committee, c is working on policies that we know our constituents want us to take action on, and I’m very pleased to have the support of all my colleagues to bring them together in a collaborative effort to move bills forward important.”

While declining to identify specific legislation, Ernst says the committee has a number of goals.

“One, of course, is controlling spending,” she said, “and achieving a smaller federal government. That’s really important to so many conservatives, especially since I “I traveled through Iowa during the last election cycle. Energy independence is another one we hear a lot about – fighting inflation, stopping spending, all those things that are hurting our Iowa families.”

Ernst says the committee will also explore why the federal government was formed in the first place.

“The first is to have a strong army,” Ernst said. “One is for the federal justice system. And the other is for those big things that states and local governments can’t do alone. We need to start looking at what our federal government’s responsibilities are and what those individual responsibilities. responsibilities – local and state responsibilities – and how can we start to back down and get out of everybody’s business at the local level.”

With her election as CPP President, Ernst is now the fourth-ranked Republican in Congress and the highest-ranking Republican woman in the Senate. You can listen to Joni Ernst’s full interview here:

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst discusses her nomination for Republican Policy Committee Chair and the latest developments regarding the 2023 Farm Bill.

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