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Gujarat rights group informs political parties

By Mujahid Nafees*
In Gujarat, the state government speaks of ‘Sabka-Saath, Sabka-Vikas’, but discrimination is usually seen with minority communities, which lack basic facilities. The issue of their protection has not been resolved.

Our objective behind the formation of the Minorities Coordinating Committee (MCC) is to understand, analyze the inequality, discrimination and untouchability prevalent against minorities; constitutional provisions for minority rights; raising community awareness; and advocating with the government on minority issues. The MCC was established on December 18, 2016 in Ahmedabad on the occasion of the International Minority Rights Day.
The fundamental objective of the MCC is to bring the minority society pushed to the margins into the mainstream of society.
The manifesto for raising the voice of political parties, with the demands of the minority community in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly election in 2022, is as follows:

Creation of the Ministry of Minority Affairs in all states

The Sacchar Committee report shed light on the plight of the minority community and the type of discrimination they face in the country. The Ministry of Minority Affairs should be brought in to work on issues of basic infrastructure, education, employment and security in areas populated by minorities. Due to lack of proper ministry in Gujarat, 11.5% of the population is deprived of opportunities; therefore, the formation of a Ministry of State Minority Affairs is required in all states.

A Minority Commission should be constituted in the state and a Constitutional Strengthening Bill for it should be passed in the Vidhan Sabha

According to the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992, it is the responsibility of the state government to establish a commission in the state, due to which the grievances of the minority community in the state are not effectively addressed and there is a state minorities commission in 18 states of the country, state also in Gujarat. There is no Minority Commission, so a Minority Commission should be established in the state and give it constitutional status.

Creation of the Equal Opportunities Commission

The Sacchar committee report showed that the country’s Muslim population lags behind the national average in employment (government, private), education and opportunities. This is due to endemic discrimination; they are deprived of opportunities. Therefore, to meet the fundamental meaning of the Constitution, “Equal Opportunity for All”, an Equal Opportunity Commission must be formed with constitutional powers so that all minority communities in the country can enjoy equal opportunities. odds.

Plan for the special component for minorities to ensure allocation in the budget

The country’s minority community lags behind the mainstream in every way. This is due to the lack of adequate budget allocation from the government for the development of minority communities. In order to ensure a population-based budget allocation for minorities throughout the country, a special component plan should be developed.

Madrasa degree should be recognized as same as Gujarat council

Like the other Eastern languages ​​in the state, students studying Arabic and Persian should be recognized along with the Gujarat board.

The Minorities (Atrocity Prevention) Act should be enacted

To prevent organized attacks against the minority community across the country, an urgent Minorities (Prevention of Atrocities) Act should be passed and crimes against them should be made non-dischargeable.

Pass a law for the prevention of community violence

In order to prevent the increase of communal violence in the country and rehabilitate those affected, achieve timely justice and eliminate fear from the hearts of the minority community, a Communal Violence Prevention Act should be enacted, in which special courts should be established for early hearings of cases related to violence.

The government should develop a resettlement policy for people displaced by communal violence

For people displaced by community violence, the government should make a policy of resettlement of all without any distinction of religion or caste.

Prime Minister’s new 15-point plan to be implemented in all districts

The country’s minority society lags far behind the mainstream; to alleviate his plight, the Prime Minister’s new 15-point program should be extended and implemented in all districts of the state to enable backward and marginalized sections to thrive.

Strict laws should be made to stop mob lynching incidents

Organized gangs of goons have been committing large scale mob lynching incidents in the state, to stop this the state government should enact strict laws so that safety of life and property can be ensured and that a fearless environment can be established.

Weapons training, exhibiting organizations should be banned

There is a growing trend of weapon displays in the country; some organizations openly organize weapons training, demonstrations, distribution of tridents, etc., which must be stopped by the government with immediate effect as they are used to scare the minority community. Therefore, weapons training, the organizations that perform it, should be banned.

Protection of Wakf properties

There are a large number of Waqf properties across the country, which have been illegally encroached upon and sold. There should be a mechanism to register, promote and quickly resolve disputes. A Waqf court should be established in each district of the state to work for the development of the community.

Strengthening of Gujarat Minority Finance and Development Corporation

The State Minorities Finance and Development Corporation should be made financially sound, for which a financial fund should be established, so that the minority community can obtain small loans, assistance in time.

Make laws to ensure political participation

The minority community is a victim of the political untouchability of the country. The constitution of India stipulates and believes in a sense of equal participation of all underprivileged and weaker sections of the country. But we find that the representation of minorities in politics is much lower than their population. Therefore, to ensure the political representation of the underprivileged classes, laws must be made.

Higher secondary schools should be established in areas with multiple minority strands

There is a shortage of secondary and secondary schools in the multi-tier minority expansions, due to which children, especially girls, have dropped out of school after obtaining primary education, their further education is affected. In order to ensure equal educational opportunities for all, higher secondary education institutions should be established in multi-faceted minority areas.

Mir and Fakir community should be included in Vicarti and Vimukt Jatis NT, DNT category

The Mir and Fakir Muslim community of Gujarat has not yet been included in the Nomadic and Denotified Tribes community (NT-DNT) called Vicharati and Vimukt Jatis category of NT, DNT.

Manager, MCC