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Hannover school board discusses changes to code of conduct and transgender policy

HANOVER, Va. (WWBT) — Those waiting for the Hanover County School Board to vote on changes to the student conduct code or take action on its transgender policy will have to wait at least a month.

On Tuesday, the board talked about a transgender policy in a closed session at the 6 p.m. meeting, in addition to the lawsuit they face from the ACLU for not adopting policy required by the state.

But despite public speakers expressing concerns for and against adopting a transgender policy, the council did not specifically address what was discussed privately during the closed session. Address the subject only once publicly at the start of the meeting.

“We want to publicly recognize that we appreciate all of our constituents’ contributions on this and all other matters before the school board,” said board district chair Ola Hawkins.

Outside of public comment, the board barely addressed the issue. He has spoken privately about transgender politics and the lawsuit they face from the ACLU for not

“Don’t let outside groups dictate our community policy,” one public speaker said.

“Why is it important to know what a child’s body looks like or how they identify themselves,” said another speaker.

Also on the agenda, the student code of conduct was amended to explicitly ban protests and walkouts.

As it stands, the school district defines disruptive behavior as a violation of school board policies or regulations governing student conduct that interrupts or obstructs the learning environment, but it does not explicitly state the demonstrations or walkouts that the new policy would specifically prohibit.

The new code of conduct would also introduce a definition of self-defence.

But the board said the two code of conduct issues presented were only for discussion and they would not vote on anything until its next meeting in June.

The board has approved a $217 million operating budget for the upcoming school year, but that will also require state approval.

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