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Greetings from Bergen, Norway. My wife and I are touring Norway with listeners to my radio show.

It’s a socialist country, but the new government here has beaten President Joe Biden on his IQ and common sense. Last year, a “center-left” coalition government prevailed with a pledge to strengthen the oil and gas industry here.

“The oil and gas sector will be developed, not dismantled,” the coalition said in a statement. The new government has said it needs to balance social and economic considerations with climate change goals. Smart move.

Contrast that with Biden’s energy policy:

  • As a candidate, he promised “no ability for the oil industry to drill, period.”
  • As president, he followed through on his threat. Regulations are up, pipelines canceled, leases are slowed down, and drilling permits are deliberately delayed.
  • Every energy-related policy has been designed to punish industry in favor of job-killing and economy-killing climate action policy.

The result is less supply and higher prices. As in the average gasoline price in America exceeding $5 a gallon. Americans’ paperbacks are suffering mightily because of bad policy.
Given this news, you think it would make sense to switch positions and quickly, right? No chance. To borrow a line from Forrest Gump, “Stupid is also stupid.”

Candidate Biden has called Saudi Arabia a “pariah”. But Biden has just announced that he will soon be in Saudi Arabia begging them to produce more oil. Imagine being one of 60,000 people employed by North Dakota’s oil and gas industry and knowing your president will be on foreign soil trying to destroy your livelihood. Why not simply return to the era of US energy dominance policy of President Donald Trump? More supply. Lower price. Because of politics. This is the Democratic Party today.

Biden’s climate czar John Kerry recently said aloud the quiet part: “There’s a lot of thinking about energy security right now about ‘we need more drilling, we need more coal.’ we don’t. We absolutely don’t. And we have to keep a false narrative out of this, or else, pun intended, we’re cooked.

Breathtakingly stupid. And they are not done with their attacks on the price at the pump yet. We have the highest national gas prices ever and Biden is hypocritically demanding more from the same industry he is actively trying to shut down and cripple. Believe it or not, he this week threatened oil companies with “emergency powers” if they did not increase supply. He actually issued a threat of “emergency powers” from the oil companies.

This angered James Taylor, president of the Heartland Institute, who said:

“Joe Biden claiming that oil companies are deliberately not selling oil when prices are at record highs is silly. The oil supply crisis is due to the Biden administration’s relentless and multifaceted attacks on oil producers. stop imposing every possible regulatory hurdle on the U.S. oil producers and America will start producing more oil than we consume again.”

Our energy producers in North Dakota deserve better.

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