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Incomplete Policy | Digital Learning Office

“I” is a neutral mark and represents incomplete. An “I” is given when a student completes passing work, but for some uncontrollable reason is unable to complete a small portion of their final course requirements during the teaching period.

An “I” grade is excluded from the calculation of the cumulative grade point average. Absence, poor performance, or requests to repeat the course are unacceptable reasons for the issuance of an “I” grade.

What the “I” Policy Means for Online Students

Students enrolled in e-learning courses cannot request an “I” because they are behind on their assignments or because they have not completed a significant portion of the course (regardless of either the reason). Students who fall behind in their courses and are on track to achieve a low grade in the course will not receive an “I”. This is not permitted by University policy and should not be requested. This grade is intended only for students who are unable to complete a small portion of the final course requirement for reasons beyond their control.

If medical events occur at the start of the semester, the most appropriate action at that time would be for the student to go through the Admissions and Records Office to request a withdrawal and refund for the class (for medical emergency and / or abusive withdrawal), rather than asking for an “I” for a course that essentially needs to be retaken.

Another reason why online students cannot request to complete much of their coursework at a later date (beyond a paper or quiz) is that a “re-experience” of any class is not always possible the following semester when a class is not offered. There would be no discussion component or student-to-student interaction (which would normally take place in the online classroom with other students) at the “I” completion stage. This is reflected again in the policy that the intention of the “I” of the University is NOT to allow the student to repeat of the course or a way to avoid a poor grade due to poor performance or absence/attendance.

Some students seem to misunderstand the “I” policy, so we are now clarifying it at the start of your classroom experience, to avoid any possible confusion at a later date.