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Knoch High student slams potential district politics – Butler Eagle

JEFFERSON TWP — A Knoch High School student has raised concerns with the school board about a proposed district policy that she says could marginalize LGBTQ students.

The student, whom the Eagle chose not to name because she is underage, told the board at its Wednesday meeting that the ‘classroom displays and decorations’ policy would prohibit the display of materials in classrooms. class affiliated with social or political movements.

She said it would prevent teachers and administrators from showing support for the LGBTQ+ community in classrooms.

“The obvious suppression of outside support for LGBTQ members sends a message of immaturity, disdain and refusal to acknowledge the LGBTQ presence in Knoch,” she told school board members.

Superintendent David Foley said on Thursday the issue arose after stickers were removed in a high school classroom indicating the room was a safe space for all students.

Foley said the forward-looking policy is not currently up for a vote by the school board and has become a “bylaw,” meaning it will go through an administrative process to resolve issues in the policy.

“We try to maintain a focus on the curriculum and do our best to ensure that every classroom in our district is a safe space where students are free from bullying, and every student feels comfortable going. engage in learning,” Foley said. “Indicating that some rooms are safe and others that didn’t have a sticker are not safe or welcoming is not the way we want to do it in our neighborhood.”

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