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Kurukshetra University first in state to implement national education policy : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Kurukshetra, August 2

With the online admission process for undergraduate programs under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 commencing at the Institute for Integrated and Specialized Studies (IIHS) at the University of Kurukshetra from from Wednesday, KU will become the first university in Haryana to implement NEP.

NEP will be implemented in all affiliated colleges of KU from the next session.

According to KU authorities, a large number of students are expected to be in the running for 1,400 places for admissions in the humanities, sciences, business, tourism, computer science, home sciences and five-year integrated programs at the IIHS. the programs according to the NEP were designed after extensive deliberation by KU education experts and other important stakeholders. NEP liberates education and makes education student-centered. Students will have the possibility of obtaining a 4-year diploma with specialization and research. Students will have the option not only to opt for a double degree, but also to choose courses from all disciplines, for example, a science student can now opt for humanities courses and vice versa. Students will be required to take at least four credits of skills courses, 12 credits of subject-specific skills and four credits of life skills,” said KU Vice-Chancellor Professor Som Nath Sachdeva.

“The policy emphasizes conceptual learning, critical thinking, and holistic student development in both academic and non-academic spheres. An impetus is also provided to acquire knowledge from UGC’s digital platforms, mobile applications, satellite TV channels, online courses, MOOC modules (swayam) and libraries equipped with communication technologies of information,” the VC added.

He said, “Community development, human values, ethics in a range of areas, constitutional values ​​and service to humanity have also been integrated into the UG curriculum. There are several entry and exit options available to students. A student can earn credits by taking a course and these will be credited to the Academic Credit Bank (ABC) account. One can then transfer these credits if one decides to change college. If a student drops out for some reason, these credits will remain intact and the student can come back later and pick up where the student left off. a compulsory part of the course framework. Students will have the opportunity to write their exams and assignments in Hindi. With ABC, institutions will count all the credits obtained by students and put them in their diplomas. Students will also have the option of entering directly into the doctorate after a four-year degree (specialization and research) provided that their GPA is 7.5 and above in four years with the research program.