Distributive policy

Launch of a county-wide policy for taxis and carriages | New

Plans to introduce a county-wide policy for licensing taxis and carriages in North Yorkshire are being drawn up ahead of a major shift in local democracy.

Members of our decision-making executive will meet next week to discuss plans to launch a county-wide Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing policy consultation.

The seven existing borough and district councils currently have their own cab licensing and private hire policies. But before the launch of the new North Yorkshire Council, which will provide all local services from April 1 next year, the County Council Executive will be asked to approve a consultation for the new policy.

A comprehensive review of the seven existing policies has been undertaken and although they have several factors in common, there are differences in terms of application criteria, vehicle specifications and procedures.

The new policy aims to ensure that the public continues to benefit from safe and accessible rental cars and private rental cars, as well as a consistent regulatory framework for commerce across the county.

It is proposed that the new council operate a carriage ‘zone’ for North Yorkshire. This will provide drivers with the flexibility to operate across the county, encouraging environmental efficiency and creating a wider distribution of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Open for Business Executive Member Councilor Derek Bastiman said: ‘I encourage anyone who regularly drives or uses taxis or private hire vehicles to participate in this consultation to help us shape the new policy. Hackney Private Hire and Transport License for North Yorkshire. .

“The policy plays a vital role in demonstrating the council’s commitment to ensuring that the public has safe and commercially accessible cabs and private hire vehicles.

“And as the single local authority for North Yorkshire, it also ensures that hackney and private hire transport license holders and taxi operators across the county are treated equally.”

The 12-week consultation gives licensees, taxi operators and the public the opportunity to share their views and help shape the policy that will serve North Yorkshire Council.

There are no plans to impose cab quantity restrictions when creating a new single zone, and cab fares and fees will be reviewed at a later date.

If approved by the decision-making executive on Tuesday next week (October 18), consultation on Hackney’s draft Private Hire and Transport Licensing Policy for North Yorkshire will run from Tuesday October 25 to Monday January 16.

All feedback received will be fully considered by the executive in the new year with the aim of implementing the policy with the launch of the new authority.