Constituent policy

Legco passes vote of thanks for political address

On Friday, lawmakers passed a motion of thanks for Chief Executive John Lee’s first policy speech, following a three-day debate on the plan.

Passage took the form of a show of hands as no councilor called for a vote by open ballot.

Although members overwhelmingly passed the motion, they offered criticism and advice while debating topics such as youth policies and the government’s handling of the pandemic.

People’s New Party chairwoman Regina Ip has criticized the government for saying Hong Kong has an education system that makes young people too individualistic.

She said it played a role in recent shocking incidents, such as the MIRROR concert accident where a huge video screen fell and injured two dancers, as well as two Cathay Pacific flight attendants flouting Covid rules .

“They came up with excuses that seemed so selfish… They had no regard for the collective responsibility that one should have in a society,” Ip said, adding that she thinks young people don’t know how. respect the law.

Lawmaker Doreen Kong, representing the election committee, said while the John Lee administration has relaxed Covid rules in a timely manner, it must also consider whether existing measures still match the real situation people are facing. .

“Some of the measures are outdated and should not be maintained. These would actually be a huge obstacle to our development,” she said.

“I hope the government will look at the policies to see if they are really up to the current needs and to be more forward-thinking.”

Health Minister Lo Chung-mau said the number of daily Covid cases had recently rebounded and it was not time for the public to let their guard down.

For his part, Chief Secretary Eric Chan said the government will implement policies in line with the general direction of comments made by President Xi Jinping during his visit to Hong Kong in July.

Chan said that while the advisers had different views and proposals, they were collectively playing for the opening of a new chapter in Hong Kong.