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Lesser Known Facts About ULIP Policy That Customers Should Know

Insurance is more of an investment than an expense, and one can benefit from insurance in many ways. Insurance has been around for a long time and there are top life insurance companies that are over 100 years old. There are different types of insurance, and life insurance is one of the most popular types of insurance products on the market today.

Some of the advantages of life insurance policies are:

● Life insurance serves as relief to the family in the event of sudden death or disabling illness of the insured, especially if they happen to be the primary breadwinner.

● A lump sum with other premiums and benefits is granted to the policyholder in case of survival to the duration of certain types of life insurance policies. This amount at maturity is tax-free and can be used as a retirement fund and for expenses such as children’s education and marriage.

● The premium paid throughout the life of the policy is exempt from income tax under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

● Some people use the insurance policy as collateral to apply for loans from the insurance company they purchase the policy from.

● There are other types of insurance combined with a medical insurance policy, and people who purchase these policies get both life insurance and health insurance in one combined package.

● There is the possibility of purchasing a ULIP Policya unique insurance product with an equity component to build wealth.

Let’s dive deep into ULIPs and learn some lesser-known facts about them.

Understand the ULIP policy

The unit-linked insurance plan is a combo where one component of the premium paid is used to fund a term insurance plan, and the second component is used to create wealth by investing the funds in mutual funds. market-linked investments. A ULIP plan calculator is a great way to calculate investment and gauge the returns investors are likely to get.

A ULIP plan can be used for different purposes, such as insurance, pension plans, wealth building, and education plans for children and grandchildren. Wealth increases in these planes in the form of new units that grow as the plane progresses. Each unit has a monetary or maturity value based on the NAV (Net Asset Value), which is determined according to market trends.

The ULIP plan has undergone changes in recent years. Fund managers combine the funds of several policyholders and invest this cumulative sum in stocks, bonds and debt funds alternately as the stock market rises and falls. This alternate switching between funds depending on market volatility minimizes risks for investors and helps to maximize their wealth after a long period of investing.

The mode of investment is similar to mutual funds, where investors’ money is pooled together to invest in stocks and bonds. These innovations have helped investors be hedged during stock market downturns. There are no problems during uptrends in the market, and everyone makes money during these dream runs.

The ULIP Plan Calculator is a tool with which investors can try different combinations of investment amounts, durations and types of funds to invest in and switch between them.

Lesser known facts about ULIPs

The most important thing to remember about ULIP plans is that there is a lot of flexibility and added benefits. For example, investors get pleasant surprises in the form of loyalty additions and special bonuses at certain milestones in the policy term. Other key facts about ULIPs are:

● There are up to seven prohibited funds in which fund managers constantly switch between funds to protect investors against volatility risk. The expertise of ULIP fund managers lies in anticipating the funds in which to invest safely and at what time. You don’t need to constantly watch the stock market with acumen to master investment secrets. With the help of ULIP fund managers, investors can maximize their wealth from their investments.

● Single premium facility – There are a few ULIP policies that allow single and unique premium. Many investors often receive large down payments or maturity insurance amounts, and the best way to invest such a one-time payment is to invest it in a ULIP policy. This will save tax and also allow investors to invest this lump sum over a long period of time to earn handsome returns.

● Multiple insurance options within one ULIP policy – ​​Most ULIP plans have a term insurance component and the ULIP component. Many investors may be surprised to find that several ULIP plans have combined health insurance. This is a great opportunity and allows investors to get life and health cover in one policy. Investors can opt for a single ULIP policy and enjoy all the benefits of insurance and also enjoy maximizing wealth potential in one plan.

● ULIP plans can be changed at any time and premiums are also increased or decreased. There are ULIP plans for your retirement, your children’s marriage and education. Many investors do not know that you can modify a change in the subject of insurance and the whole ULIP policy for a different recovery period according to the modified priorities. People looking to convert an existing ULIP policy into a retirement fund with a monthly pension can make the changes and pay a different premium amount. This saves investors from having to buy another plan.

Many ULIP plan companies have hidden surprises and unexpected benefits when they are needed most. A good knowledge of the different options available to you can enable you to use a ULIP policy correctly.

When thinking about getting life insurance, consider getting a ULIP instead. It serves multiple purposes and alleviates the need for multiple products. It really is the next step in the evolution of insurance.