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Letter: Changing energy policy | Opinion

When elected, for his green agenda, President Biden immediately canceled the Keystone Pipeline, heavily regulated oil and gas, cut jobs in the coal industry and, in a flash, made us more independent and energy vulnerable.

While we have reduced our emission levels, China, India, Russia, Mexico – all major polluters – have not used any means to significantly clean their air. Why a green agenda, if others don’t follow the same rules?

Recent events show how important conventional energy is to economic stability and prosperity in much of the world. The surge in the price of oil, from $46 to $130 a barrel, in a few months, and the war in Ukraine will probably lead to a major realignment of the great powers. For now, we will have to deal with rapid inflation of the essential products we use, with the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people and with refugee crises.

All because of a capricious Putin, who also threatens to use nuclear energy and cyberattacks. This situation could be significantly improved if President Biden orders the changes necessary to regain our energy independence and once again become net exporters of oil and gas.

Many favor this approach, which is better than begging Saudi Arabia, Iran and other cartels to increase production, or the other alternative, calling for the use of our oil reserves.

This revised strategy would prevent us from buying up to 26 million barrels of oil monthly from Russia to finance their war. And that would mean more market stability and prosperity for the middle class. Buying from them or producing in the United States would not cause additional climate change. Recently, the press reported that we are now considering asking our other enemy, Venezuela, to sell us their oil. That would be another gigantic mistake.

Felice Schillaci, Pinehurst

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