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Meeting COVID-19 vaccination targets, September 14, 2022

September 14, 2022

| Guidance Note


Key points

  • The World Health Organization’s most recent Global Vaccination Strategy for COVID-19 (1) outlines key actions that Member States should consider taking to achieve COVID-19 vaccination targets.
  • Vaccines should be deployed in high priority groups in settings where coverage (including boosters) is incomplete.
  • Countries are advised to invest in research and development of vaccine products with improved attributes.
  • Encourage equitable distribution and rapid availability of vaccine products with improved attributes for all countries through manufacturing agreements.
  • Investigate the possibility of developing delivery approaches for adult vaccination.
  • Strengthen health information systems to adequately track the progression of potential health emergencies and inform the timing and targets of policy decisions.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the COVID-19 vaccination effort beyond 2022.

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Reference numbers

WHO reference number: WHO/2019-nCoV/Policy_Brief/Vaccination/2022.1