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ministry proposes an advantageous salary policy for teachers | Education

At the seminar

A seminar on international experiences in developing policies to ensure quality early childhood education (ECE) and some implementation models in Vietnam was organized yesterday by the Ministry of Education and Training in Hanoi.

Education and Training Minister Nguyen Kim Son said Vietnam is rolling out a new ECE curriculum stressing that ECE is the first level of education in the national education system and development early childhood lays the foundation for learning and overall human development. ECE aims at the complete physical and emotional development of the child to shape his personality; it is therefore a particularly important level of education.

As a result, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training gives special attention and investment to this level of education.

At present, public ECE schools are invested by the government and tuition fees are subsidized by the state, while non-public ECE schools do not receive regular financial support from the state budget. the state.

Private kindergartens are established for profit by businessmen with relatively high tuition fees; thus, they are only suitable for families with good or high incomes.

Family-run daycares at home with poor facilities and untrained caregivers, but low tuition and flexible class times have attracted low-income parents.

Notably, at present, about 1,226,961 teachers are working in preschool and general levels across the country. Among them, there are approximately 368,968 preschool teachers, including 271,073 teachers in public schools and 97,895 teachers in non-public establishments. Out of a total of 271,073 public preschool teachers, 256,020 teachers have an official payroll while 15,053 teachers work under contract with schools. Overall, the country lacks 44,068 preschool teachers. The life of preschool teachers is still difficult, which has been reported lately. The salaries of preschool teachers are too low, many people cannot make ends meet.

The Ministry of Education and Training has proposed that the government submit the Teachers Act to the National Assembly for enactment to create a legal corridor for teacher recruitment policies and laws to improve the quality of education. There should be regulations on the retirement age of preschool teachers according to their professional characteristics.

According to the ministry’s proposal, teachers should receive the highest salaries in the administrative payroll and additional allowances depending on the type of work and functions a teacher can perform at his place of work and in the region where he works. reside.

Specifically, the ministry suggested that newly recruited teachers be given a second-year salary.

In its proposal, the ministry indicated that the salaries of contract teachers should not be lower than the average salary of companies in the same sector and that they should be eligible for preferential allowances for professions and seniority bonuses as salaried teachers. In addition, they must be paid by social insurance in accordance with the regulations.

The Ministry of Education and Training has also proposed a plan to the government to regulate the ECE allowance. For example, ECE teachers benefit from the preferential allowance at 35% and 50%; the department proposed to increase the preferential allowance to 70%. In addition, ECE teachers who work in an area with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions should be entitled to a full preferential allowance.

The seminar was held directly and online with the participation of representatives from ministries, central agencies, leaders of people’s committees and education and training departments in 30 provinces and cities, universities and colleges with ECE training and international organizations including the World Bank, UNICEF, Save the Children’s Organization, VVOB, ChildFund, Plan International and Onesky.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Anh Quan