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MP for Mansfield calls for ‘proper immigration policy’ to limit Channel crossings

During an interview with the GB News television channel, Mr Bradley reaffirmed his commitment to combating illegal immigration.

It follows the latest figures, which show that as of October 3 a total of 33,573 migrants had crossed the English Channel from France in small boats, seeking asylum in Britain this year. This represents an increase of approximately 5,000 from 2021.

The MP said: ‘I am regularly contacted by Mansfield constituents with concerns about illegal immigration and the number of small boat crossings.

The Conservative MP for Mansfield, Ben Bradley, is calling for “a real immigration policy”.

“I have constantly urged the government to get tough on level crossings.

“My constituents would like to see a real immigration policy that we can actually control.”

Mr Bradley continued: “People should seek asylum in the first safe country they reach – and no one needs to flee France to be safe.

“So my constituents are rightly upset when these small boat crossings continue to happen.

“As I said in my interview with GB News, it’s a fundamental issue of fairness. People say why do they bother to work and pay in our system and do their bit when no anyone can just show up and take out more than they can get.

“I am doing everything in my power to resolve the issue in order to defend the hard workers of Mansfield and Warsop.”

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The vast majority of migrants are considered genuine asylum seekers. In 2021, a total of 14,734 people were granted refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK. Thousands more are awaiting a decision.

However, the Conservative government continues to be frustrated with Channel crossings and plans to introduce law reforms to deter illegal migration and smugglers who organize boat trips.

Mr Bradley welcomed moves to prevent crossings, such as the army taking over operational command in partnership with the government agency Border Force.

This, he says, will be supported by £50million in funding to provide new patrol vessels, aerial surveillance and expert military personnel.

The MP said: ‘This will significantly improve law enforcement’s ability to detect boats, ensuring that smugglers who trade in these life-threatening journeys can be brought to justice.’