Distributive policy

NACCIMA wants a tax policy against climate change

The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture (NACCIMA) this weekend advised the Federal Government to make climate change a political and fiscal agenda.

NACCIMA Managing Director, Mr. Sola Obadimu said, “It is not enough to sound the alarm bells by NiMet and other agencies, it is important to put measures in place to ensure that Nigerians , especially farmers, are not victims of floods, pestilence and other acts of nature.

“The federal government must ensure farmers are protected from the killer ranchers and other terrorist groups that have posed a threat to our food security or the food crisis will continue to plague us.”

Represented by NACCIMA IT and Policy Development Manager, Mr. Olufemi Alatise, Obadimu spoke at a press briefing organized by NACCIMA Women Group, known as NAWORG, which works with the government of Lagos State to help women agripreneurs showcase, network and showcase their offerings to the world at its upcoming international expo in Lagos.

The expo, themed “Encouraging Women in Agriculture and Nigerian Made Products for Economic Growth”, will be held from October 21-23 in Lagos.

DG NACCIMA welcomed the exhibition, saying that it would receive full support in terms of logistics and technical assistance, among others.

NAWORG Coordinator, Lagos State Chapter and Chairperson of Trade & Exhibition, Ms. Stella Akande, who was representing NAWORG National Chairperson, Hajiya Abubakari, said the exhibition would be a great opportunity for women in the under- agricultural sector in particular as there would be access to markets, distribution and the like throughout the value chain, among other benefits.