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NCC Partners AGM for a standardized cyber insurance policy on Internet governance

Oghenevwede Ohwovoriole

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that it is working with the Attorney General Alliance-Africa (AGA) on the creation of a standardized cyber insurance policy on internet governance in Nigeria.

The Executive Vice President of the NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, said so during his address to participants of a two-day symposium on internet governance and safeguarding cyberspace yesterday in Abuja.

Danbatta said the symposium should dwell on the place of the internet and internet governance and the steps needed to achieve a standardized cyber insurance policy.

He said: “This symposium therefore aims to deliver on the following fronts: advocacy to raise awareness of the place of the Internet and Internet governance in modern economies like ours and the role of cybersecurity, governance and coordination”.

Others encourage strategic initiatives and partnerships for the protection of critical national information infrastructures, encouraging lawyers and law enforcement to monitor the application of existing laws and expose them to the latest prevention and detection to promote deterrence and ensure effective prosecution when such crimes occur. .

According to him, the symposium also aimed to encourage organizations at all levels to devote sufficient resources to information security as a national digital security concern, to invest in appropriate firewalls and protection software and spark a conversation around a standardized cyber insurance policy within Nigeria. insurance sector.

He said there was a need for a comprehensive commitment from all stakeholders, including government and regulators, law enforcement officials and advocacy groups, the private sector and individual members. public.

“In light of the above, this symposium bodes well. Several policy and regulatory initiatives by the Nigerian government are aimed at harnessing cyberspace and ensuring that the dividends of the digital economy trickle down to citizens,” he said.

He explained that internet governance and cybersecurity was a journey and not a destination, saying he was happy to state that Nigeria’s speed was good, noting however that more effort was needed.

The representative of the CEO, Africa Attorney Alliance, David Blake and a legal expert, Anthony Idigbe, identified the guidelines needed to accelerate the institutional capacity needed to fight cybercrime, as well as to deliver effective justice.

He argued that the role of internet governance could be achieved through capital development.