Regulatory policy

New CSU initiative offers faculty training in public policy

Nathaniel Riggs, a professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, focuses his research on the science of prevention, a relatively new field intended to promote positive youth development, build family resilience, and connect with communities. to reduce substance abuse, violence and mental disorders. health problems.

Riggs said he chose to participate in the initiative to learn best practices for effective political engagement, so he can learn how to better inform policy makers who support prevention efforts.

“I think at a land-grant university, we often think of our engagement mission only in terms of engaging with community partners. It’s critically important work, for sure,” Riggs said. “However, we must also engage with policy makers who can help cultivate a political context through which our research can be effectively translated into action with our community partners. I hope this initiative will foster reflection on scholarly engagement as an integrated process involving policy, research, and community practice.

Schultz said the overall goal of the initiative is to train faculty members to communicate effectively with policymakers and to enable CSU’s scientific expertise to inform how policy is made.

“The research we do at CSU has major implications for policy makers across the range of profound social and ecological challenges we face as a society,” Schultz said. “This program will prepare CSU researchers to bring their science to policy makers to inform policy debates and the development of new laws and programs. We want to increase our impact, but also create a two-way dialogue for policy makers to communicate their priority needs to us in order to inform our directions as faculty members.