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ON-POINT: The balanced regional development policy of the administration YoonActualités

It’s time for On-Point, where we connect with experts to dive deeper into some of the key issues in the spotlight right now. Key figures from the new Yoon administration stressed that the new government’s top priority is to improve the quality of life for South Korean citizens who are still grappling with the impact of the pandemic and worsening levels of health. debt and income polarization.
The key is to pursue sustainable development across the country by promoting equal opportunity and building their capacity to build a thriving society.
This is easier said than done, of course the government will have to get to work to solve a wide range of issues related to people’s livelihoods, regional industries and innovation, redistribution and welfare, and housing.

For insight into some of the policies we can expect, we chat with a senior adviser to the Transitional Presidential Committee on Balanced Regional Development, OH Moon-sung, a tax accounting professor at Hanyang Women’s University. Hello you teacher.

First of all, Professor Oh, what were the main priorities of the transition committee in terms of balanced regional development?

So I guess the big question then is how do you aim to achieve balanced regional development?

Taxes are a crucial means of supporting inclusive growth across the country, particularly in the form of redistribution. What major reforms can we expect this year under the new government?

There has been tremendous interest in how the next government will deal with property and property taxes. What has been the problem for the past five years and what will be the direction of Yoon’s taxes for land and property owners?

There have been some complaints about the Moon government’s corporate tax policies, especially for foreign companies. Will there be any changes to make doing business in Korea more attractive?

Thank you teacher for your insights. Looking forward to talking to you again in the future.