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One Teacher-One Laptop policy was successful, 80% of laptops distributed – Bawumia

Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, said the distribution of laptops to teachers under the “one teacher, one laptop” policy has recorded an impressive success rate since its launch.

He said the government’s drive to modernize educational resources to deliver the best outcomes to Ghana’s youth has been very significant. He added that a greater proportion of laptops have already been distributed.

In a recent article in the February issue of PAV Magazine, Mr. Bawumia said, “The One Teacher-One Laptop program has been a success.

“Less than three months after the program started, I learned that 80% of the laptops available had been distributed to secondary school teachers across Ghana. Free Wi-Fi has also been provided to over 700 high schools across Ghana.

“We have also ensured that our teachers receive the technical support they need, with 260 GES District ICT Coordinators having been trained to help them bring this new technology into the classroom,” he said. .

This comes after some aggrieved teachers accused the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service (GES) and some teachers’ unions of conniving to use their money illegally to buy them laptops.

Groups such as Innovative Teachers and All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) claimed laptop prices had been inflated and cited what they described as supply shortfalls in exclusively awarding the contract to KA Technologies Limited.

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, members of ATAG marched in protest against the initiative and demanded the government to immediately refund their money.

Amid these concerns, the vice president said the program should be extended this year so that teachers in basic schools also receive their laptops.

“We must ensure that no student is left behind and this government continues to strive to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4, a goal the President and I hold dear.”

“I look forward to the continuation of the program in 2022 with the provision of laptops to middle school and primary school teachers,” he hinted.