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“Since our inception in 2012, thousands of organizations have trusted our platform to help them shape public policy and make stakeholder voices heard. Together, we’ve transformed the way voters interact with their legislators. and how public policy is formed, from Capitol Hill to City Hall,” said Capitol Canary CEO steven schneider. “As we change our name to better reflect this transformation – and launch a second decade of growth – our goal remains the same: to provide government affairs and advocacy teams with the tools, insights and data they need to do the hard and vital work of shaping politics.”

In addition to its name change — and in anticipation of the upcoming midterm elections — Capitol Canary is rolling out new features that allow government affairs and advocacy teams to not only identify opportunities to advance their policy goals, but also to provide supporters with a vital vote. information so that they can have an impact on election day. New features include:

  • New Advocacy Dashboards and reports that allow users to better measure advocacy initiatives. Clients can quickly analyze their campaign’s performance, gauge trends in legislator engagement, and gain visibility into which campaign actions moved the needle.
  • Impact reports compiled in minutes to best equip stakeholders for successful meetings with decision makers. Accessible with a single click, users generate fact sheets that include everything from comprehensive biographies and committee assignments to key data points about an organization’s impact in the legislator’s district or state.
  • Get-Out-The-Vote Tools for 2022 Midterms. No matter how the votes go, every government business program will feel the impact. Capitol Canary’s GOTV capabilities make it easy to launch a fully personalized Election Center so employees, advocates, and supporters can quickly register to vote, check their status, learn about candidates, and find information about the way to vote.

“Capitol Canary has been a vital partner to the National Restaurant Association’s government affairs team,” said Mike Whatley, the vice president of state affairs and grassroots advocacy for the National Restaurant Association. “When the restaurant industry was shut down at the start of the pandemic, the Association worked with Capitol Canary to help engage and expand our network of grassroots supporters. Their technology allowed us to mobilize more than one million messages to Congress to secure necessary support programs for Capitol Canary continues to support our efforts to engage our base with effective email and text campaigns and enables our state restaurant associations to engage their advocates at national and local levels. We look forward to continuing our partnership through their enhanced products in the future.”

About Capitol Canary Islands
Capitol Canary, with over 1,200 customers, is the leading government affairs technology, providing a suite of groundbreaking advocacy tools used to engage and mobilize more supporters than any other platform. It also provides access to the most comprehensive information on all levels of government, as well as the most accurate and up-to-date contact information for officials and staff members. The world’s leading nonprofits, associations and businesses rely on Capitol Canary for legislative monitoring and alerting, donor information, grassroots advocacy, GOTV, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement to achieve the edge they need to win their political battles. Learn more by visiting

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