Distributive policy

Planning regulator says CDP undermines national climate policy

The County Kerry Development Plan undermines the planning authority’s ability to contribute to national renewable energy targets.

This is according to the Office of the Planning Regulator.

The OPR also criticized Kerry County Council’s stance on turf cutting.

One of the main problems with the county’s development plan for the Office of Public Works is the council’s decision to omit areas to be considered for wind farm development.

One of the amendments made by the council was that North Kerry would no longer be open for consideration while Kilgarvan would be considered as an alternative.

However, this area had previously been excluded by the initial analysis carried out by the planning authority.

The OPR said the move undermines and is contrary to wind power development guidelines for planning authorities.

The office recommended that the council reverse the decision or provide additional specific protection policies for the habitats.

The second sticking point for the Office of the Planning Regulator was the council’s inserted target that supports the continued cutting and distribution of grass so people can heat their homes.

This decision, he says, would be likely to have significant effects, particularly with regard to biodiversity, air and climate policy.

The OPR has informed the local authority that it is necessary to remove the new objective.

However, without the instruction of the climate minister, the board is not obliged to make the changes advised by the regulator.

The county development plan is due to be discussed again at council level on Monday.