Constituent policy

Public policy should match public opinion

Iowa State Senator and Democratic candidate for Iowa’s second congressional district, Liz Mathis, speaks during a panel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Thursday, August 18, 2022. (Nick Rohlman /The Gazette)

Most Iowans believe that a hard day’s work should be enough to cover the bills, seniors should be able to afford their prescriptions, and a woman should be able to make her own health care decisions. Instead of listening to what Iowans want, my opponent, Rep. Ashley Hinson, is pushing an agenda that’s out of touch with the majority of Iowans, and she’s more focused on impressing her political bosses in DC than serving. to his constituents.

Sixty-one percent of Iowans want abortion to remain legal, but Rep. Hinson has co-sponsored a bill banning abortions nationwide without exception, even for rape, incest, or for save a woman’s life. And to make matters worse, Hinson tried to mislead the people of Iowa about his position despite numerous fact checks confirming his support for this extreme bill. Politicians like Ashley Hinson don’t belong in a doctor’s office to make personal health care decisions for Iowa women.

I’m sick of my rep saying one thing here in Iowa and then going to Washington and voting the other way.

I learned what true service meant from my parents; both served in World War II. Growing up on the farm, I learned about a hard day’s work and saving in tough times. When things broke on the farm, we fixed them ourselves. Nothing was ever given to me. I did farm chores, degreased and mowed the cemetery, and it helped pay for my journalism studies at the University of Iowa.

As my parents got older and were both sick at the same time, they relied on the Social Security and Medicare benefits they had earned all their lives. That’s why it infuriates me that Ashley Hinson supports raising the retirement age, calls moves to include dental, vision and hearing in Medicare coverage “socialism” and bragged about closed-door meetings with party insiders in Washington to further undermine those programs.

Iowa families are struggling to make ends meet while big corporations make record profits. Although she told Iowans she would cut prices for things like prescription drugs, my opponent voted with the pharma lobby against lowering insulin costs and capping drug prices for seniors. . It’s not fair and it’s not Iowa’s way.

I’ve been a lifelong Iowan and used to putting Iowa first and working with anyone to get things done, including voting with Republicans to cut taxes and balance the state house budget. I voted to lower commercial property taxes to help businesses in Iowa and will work for similar common sense policy in Washington. I will protect the retirement benefits the people of Iowa have earned over a lifetime of hard work. And I will advocate for women’s rights to make their own reproductive health decisions.

I promise to represent Iowa values ​​in Washington as the next U.S. Congressman and humbly ask for your vote on Election Day.

Senator Liz Mathis was elected to the Iowa State Senate in 2011, representing parts of Linn County. Mathis was a journalist for 27 years, held a teaching position at Wartburg College, and worked at Four Oaks, a children’s mental and behavioral health agency. Mathis is a candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District.