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Punjab Recruitment Policy 2022 Approved

LAHORE: A meeting of the Standing Cabinet Committee on Legislative Affairs was held on Friday under the chairmanship of Punjab’s Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Muhammad Basharat Raja.

Provincial Ministers Raja Yasir Humayoun, Sardar Asif Nikai, Mohsin Leghari and relevant officers attended the meeting and discussed several important issues. The Cabinet Committee has approved the Punjab Recruitment Policy 2022.

The regulations of the S&GAD secretary highlighted various points of the recruitment policy. The matter of amendments to the Land Reform Regulations, 1972 and 1977 was referred to the Sub-Committee for further deliberation. Many irrigation issues including water resources management of Punjab and Project Preparation Funding (PRF) were discussed.

The meeting approved loan negotiations with the Asian Development Bank (AfDB) for the construction of the Chaubara Branch Canal. The review of notification of government analyst declaration under the Punjab Agricultural Pesticides (Amendment) Act 2012 was also approved by the committee. Promulgation of the Draft Extension of Punjab Rules 2020, regarding Canal Command Areas approved by the Standing Committee. The Minister of Justice has ordered the Secretary of Irrigation to address farmers’ grievances regarding water distribution. The Cabinet committee postponed the decision to establish two more tehsils in Rawalpindi. The meeting was informed that due to the large population and larger land area of ​​Saddar Tehsil of Rawalpindi, the citizens were facing administrative problems. Administrative complications can be resolved by dividing the Saddar Tehsil into City, Cantt and Saddar.

The Minister of Justice ordered a further review of the proposal. The meeting approved the agenda item to relax the aggregate lending, underwriting or collateral limits provided under Section 21 of the Punjab Small Industries Corporation Act 1973. Punjab Rural Municipal Services Corporation Board Appointments Discussed; however, approval was deferred to the next meeting.