Regulatory policy

Rattenbury hails national energy policy

Shane Rattenbury, ACT Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction, believes a new National Energy Policy is a positive step that will help transform Australia’s energy sector and provide an energy grid 100% renewable and zero emissions – but urgent action is needed.

Australia’s energy ministers today agreed to include ’emissions reduction’ as a new goal in national energy laws, including the National Electricity Goal (NEO).

“The NEO is fundamental to the rules that shape the electricity market,” Rattenbury said. “By making emissions reduction one of the key objectives of the NEO, we have empowered market organizations and other players to establish rules and regulatory decisions that facilitate an orderly transition to a 100 future. % renewable and zero emissions.

“We must act quickly if we are to have any chance of achieving Australia’s net zero emissions target by 2050. The previous federal government delayed this necessary work for ten years, which wasted time. precious.

“Despite the lack of support from the former Federal Energy Minister, it was agreed last September that the ACT would present a paper proposing these changes to the NEO, prepared jointly with the Queensland Government and the Minister for Queensland Energy, Mick of Brenni.

“The proposed changes were unanimously approved today.

“I would like to thank the Minister of Brenni for his support in this file and his involvement in the progress of this proposal. Now we can get on with the job of reducing emissions from our electricity sector and building a zero-emissions energy future.

“These changes will be the first step in the new National Energy Transformation Partnership that will coordinate actions to address challenges and manage the transformation to a net-zero national energy sector.

“Over the past decade, environmental advocates and organizations have called for these changes. Thanks to their continued advocacy, reducing emissions will finally be a priority in energy decisions, helping to provide a cleaner and more responsible energy supply for the nation.