Regulatory policy

Reminder on UK drone policy

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (October 6, 2022) — The use of drones for recreational or commercial purposes is prohibited on the University of Kentucky campus. Applications to use a drone for research or teaching purposes must be registered and approved by the UK Office of University Events.

“The Office of University Events, Risk Management and UK Police are all working together to review requests for drones to be operated safely and legally on campus property,” said UK Police Chief Joe Monroe.

Major concerns with drone use include the proximity of any campus flight to Kroger Field as well as the heliport at UK HealthCare’s Albert B. Chandler Hospital. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations restrict unmanned aircraft system (UAS) flights near airports.

University policy prohibits unauthorized theft. The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) prohibits flights without FAA authorization.

  • Drones are prohibited from operating in and around Kroger Field. The UK Police Department (UKPD) uses technology that detects and gives us location information when a drone is operating on our property.
  • The UKPD will send officers to locate the drone and its pilot who would then be subject to prosecution under state and federal law.
  • Amateur or recreational use of drones or UAS is prohibited on all UK owned, operated or controlled properties. This includes the main campus in Lexington as well as other sites such as Coldstream Research Park and farms the university owns or operates throughout the state.
  • Commercial use of drones, unless prior approval is granted by the UK and proper registration for use has taken place with the FAA, is prohibited. Licensed operators – for commercial or institutional purposes – must apply for authorization from the UK Event Management Office at least seven days before the requested event.
  • The use of a drone or UAS directly above outdoor events or above traffic routes such as roadways, sidewalks, bike paths and footpaths is prohibited.

The University Events Office will work with the applicant on the appropriate waiver or clearance certificate for flight operations. Anyone seeking to fly for a particular purpose on campus must have proof of general liability insurance that covers the operation of the UAS.

You can visit this site for more information.