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Rep. Kelly announces roundtable initiative to help business leaders navigate economic policy

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U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) on Tuesday announced his new “Business and Economic Roundtable,” which aims to help local business leaders work together and navigate his economic policy.

The panel is made up of 17 members from the five counties that make up Kelly’s congressional district. Members also represent key industries in the district, including healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, grocery and retail, and more.

“This roundtable brings together some of the best and brightest business minds in Northwestern Pennsylvania,” Kelly said. “From skyrocketing inflation to difficulty finding and retaining employees, local businesses have been hit hard over the past year. By creating this roundtable, we hope to develop common sense solutions that will help local businesses and can shape our economic policy in Washington.

Kelly’s roundtable plans to meet quarterly through 2022, with its first meeting scheduled for Feb. 22 in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

The roundtable’s development comes after months of rising and historic inflation, a bottlenecked supply chain, labor shortages and other issues plaguing businesses of all sizes and industries, according to a statement from Kelly’s office.