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Rusal Establishes Responsible Sourcing Policy – ​​Aluminum Insider

Russian aluminum company UC Rusal adopted a new responsible sourcing policy this week, outlining the standards by which the company will source materials and services in the future.

According to the company, the policy aims to define the method by which Rusal selects suppliers and contractors, defines the basic parameters of quality control, the methods by which Rusal acts to protect the environment and how it acts to protect indigenous peoples.

Rusal says the new policy is rooted in both international anti-bribery and corruption regulations as well as Russian and international law.

Rusal’s director of sustainability, Irina Bakhtina, said in a press release that the new policy is an important part of her company’s relationship with its suppliers.

“The responsible procurement policy is an integral part of companies’ sustainable development practices. The adoption of the Policy is another step towards developing RUSAL’s relationships with partners and suppliers. The Company has been carrying out a partial assessment of suppliers for many consecutive years, taking into account environmental and social criteria. In 2015, we introduced our internal Business Partner Code. This year, we randomly tested the ESG accreditation procedure for counterparties, and the Responsible Purchasing Policy confirms our intention to make this procedure mandatory by 2025.”