Constituent policy

Senator Muth re-elected chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee

HARRISBURG − November 22, 2022 − Earlier in the day, the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus re-elected state Senator Katie Muth as a member of the leadership as chair of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee for the upcoming 2023-24 legislative session .

“I am grateful for the support from my colleagues and stakeholders and look forward to the next session and another opportunity to work on a strong policy agenda for our caucus,” Muth said. “During my first term as Chair of the Policy Committee, our committee traveled across the state to ensure that all members of our caucus had the opportunity to hold hearings on issues impacting their communities and ensured that all of our constituents and stakeholders could tell their stories. , share their knowledge and defend various causes. I really look forward to promoting these causes and hearing more impactful stories that drive the political agenda and priorities of our caucus.

Under the leadership of Senator Muth during the 2021-22 legislative session, the Senate Committee on Democratic Policy held 47 policy hearings across the Commonwealth focused on legislation, policy initiatives and causes significant to all members of our caucus . The Committee also worked with the House Democratic Policy Committee to organize a series of hearings focusing on reproductive rights in Pennsylvania.

For more information on the Senate Committee on Democratic Policy and to view recordings of all previous hearings, visit