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Senior adviser reaffirms Tehran’s support for one-China policy

TEHRAN — Following the visit to Taiwan by Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, the top foreign policy adviser to the leader of Tehran’s Islamic Revolution has criticized the United States for violating the territorial integrity of China, expressing Tehran’s strong support for the “one China” policy.

Ali Akbar Velayati, in a meeting with Beijing’s Ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua on Tuesday, alluded to Washington’s threats to China’s territorial integrity and said that “plots, encroachments and threats by enemies must be met with resistance”.

He confirmed Tehran’s support for the internationally recognized “One China” stance and said Beijing is “considered a strategic ally” of Tehran.

According to the senior adviser, Russia faces similar threats from the US-led NATO military alliance, calling for greater defense cooperation between Tehran, Beijing and Moscow.

“There is no doubt that Iran-Russia-China cooperation in the region, including joint exercises, is essential to the security and destiny of the region.” “Iran is eager to expand such collaboration,” he continued.

The senior Iranian politician pointed out that Iran and China have long-standing cultural, historical and cordial ties which have benefited both countries.

Velayati also mentioned China’s Belt and Road Initiative, saying Iran has significant capabilities that could contribute to the initiative as well.

In exchange, the Chinese ambassador stressed the importance of following the improvement of Tehran-Beijing relations.

He went on to say that the relations between the two countries are based on mutual respect and that the leaders of the two countries have worked hard to lay the foundations for such partnerships.

Ambassador Chang also praised Iran for its positions and support for the Belt and Road Initiative, saying the Islamic Republic is seen as a key partner in Beijing’s initiative.

Pelosi, the second-most senior US government official, visited Taiwan in early August despite repeated warnings from Beijing against visiting the island nation.

Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Iranian Foreign Minister, reaffirmed Tehran’s support for the one-China policy and warned that the provocative activities of the United States endanger world peace and security.

Amir Abdollahian made the remarks after Pelosi concluded his controversial two-day tour of Taiwan in support of separatist voices on the self-governing island.

“Respect for the territorial integrity of countries is one of the recognized fundamentals of international law,” said the head of diplomacy, adding, “In this context, the Islamic Republic’s support for the principle of ‘One China’ is unmistakable”.

“The provocative actions of the United States have turned into a source of threat to international peace and stability,” he noted.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani also criticized Pelosi’s controversial trip to Taiwan as Washington interferes in Beijing’s internal affairs, and reaffirmed Tehran’s unwavering support for the “One only China”.

Kanaani said the latest “tension-building conduct” by US officials in intervening in China’s internal affairs and violating its territorial integrity was an example of Washington’s interventionist actions in several parts of the world.

“This behavior will have no effect other than to increase instability and inflame tensions, and it is therefore doomed,” he said.

“Respect for the national sovereignty of countries is one of the fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations,” the official continued, adding, “Article 2 of the Charter prohibits members from engaging in conduct that undermines the territorial integrity and political independence from other States. ”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers respect for the territorial integrity of countries to be among the principles of its foreign policy, and support for the one-China policy is unquestionable in accordance with this principle,” said the door. -word.

According to the Iranian diplomat, unilateralism and violations of international laws and obligations have become an inherent component of US foreign policy.

Under the One China Policy, virtually every country in the world recognizes Beijing’s sovereignty over Chinese Taipei, including the United States, which has courted the separatist Taipei government, backed its anti-China stance and provided him with huge amounts of ammunition.