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Support housing policy to close the growing gap

Housing, although one of the essential elements for the sustainability of human existence, remains a global challenge and Nigeria is no exception.

This deficit continues to grow due to the high rate of urbanization and population growth, resulting in high rents, overcrowding and poor living conditions. Many research studies have primarily focused on investigating the challenges of housing provision from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives.

However, there are few evidence-based studies regarding the challenges that stand in the way of providing sustainable housing.
However, housing is much larger and more complex than a house in which people live. It also involves the provision of essential amenities and infrastructure to achieve comfortable living in the built environment.

It is a process to provide safe, functional and affordable housing while reflecting the socio-economic and cultural aspirations and preferences of individuals and families within the community.

Housing is therefore an essential component of the social and economic rubric of nations. It has a profound influence on the health, efficiency, social behavior, satisfaction and general well-being of a community. As observed by, housing links the physical development of a city, with its social and economic attributes.

The concept of sustainable development is based on the principle of economic and social development. It seeks to achieve a balance between human activities and nature without jeopardizing social and economic systems for future generations.

It refers to the ability of the “natural environment” to support physical, social and economic activities, for overall human development. It is a multidimensional process that combines environmental protection with economically, socially and culturally sound development. It is on this note that experts in the housing sector see the need for an urgent sustainable housing policy that would close the housing gap.

According to the company’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mrs. Folashade Oloruntoba, who recently at a press conference to announce the activities marking her 10th anniversary in Lagos, said that when the government creates an enabling environment by putting With land and finance available to property developers, it will be easy to fill the country’s housing deficit referenced by United Nations statistics at around 22 million.

Oloruntoba, who called for urgent action to remove the constraints that fuel the mismatch between demand and supply of housing in the country, said Adron Homes and Properties has been at the forefront of providing of affordable properties to Nigerians. She said the company was set to distribute N3,000 worth of fuel to 3,500 Nigerians to celebrate its 10th anniversary, adding that “Adron Homes and Properties is committed to giving back to society and that is what the company has continuously done over its 10 years. to exist.

“The company will target multiple gas stations in eight states, namely; Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Abuja, Nasarawa, Niger and Ekiti from Tuesday May 31 until the last person is served”.
Oloruntoba explained that the purpose of the program is to appreciate their customers, urging everyone to take advantage of the company’s affordable housing program with a flexible payment plan that will span a payment term of 24 to 36 months. .