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The public hailed the police’s one-sided policy on the exodus route

Jakarta (ANTARA) – National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo has shared a video showing residents’ reactions to the police’s one-way traffic engineering on the road of exodus from Eid 2022.

Prabowo uploaded the videos to his Instagram account @listyosigitprabowo

In the minute-and-a-half-long video, some people, who praised police efforts to regulate the flow of traffic from the exodus so that it proceeds in an orderly and safe manner.

“With the one-way (system), thank God my trip went well. Thank God this one-way (system) is very useful,” said a traveler from Bandung, who was on his way to Wiradesa Pekalongan, in the video as seen here on Sunday.

Another traveler from Cirebon, who was traveling to Nganjuk, also mentioned that police management of the exodus route was optimal.

Other travelers also reported feeling safe during their trip or during a short break at the rest area. Indeed, the police permanently apply security measures for the participants in the exodus.

“I’m coming from Semarang towards Kediri. The journey from Semarang to Ngawi rest area is no problem because we are always assisted by the police. Also, Ngawi rest area is always secured by the police so we feel protected. Also if there are any problems, the police are always (prepared to deal with them). Thank you for a good trip,” said one woman.

The National Police has dispatched its personnel and carried out its best strategy in order to instill a sense of security, comfort and safety for all.

To ensure a safe Eid 2022 exodus, the National Police conducted a street surveillance operation which involved 144,392 members of the National Defense Force and National Police, regional governments and volunteers.

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The personnel consisted of 876 National Police Headquarters personnel, 87,004 Regional Police personnel, 56,512 personnel from other agencies, such as the National Defense Force; National Disaster Mitigation Agency; Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency; Pertamina; Jasa Marga; law enforcement officers; transportation service; medical service; scouts; and more.

All personnel involved would be divided into 2,702 posts including 1,710 security posts, 734 service posts and 258 integrated posts to conduct security measures in crowded malls, shopping malls, stations, terminals, airports, ports, tourist attractions and along the traffic route. .

The command post of the street surveillance operation, which was set up by the national police, is equipped with facilities allowing people to move around in a safe and smooth manner.

Among the facilities were rest facilities for drivers, medical facilities, information services, supervision of health protocols and screening of PeduliLindungi applications, distribution of masks and disinfectants, traffic control officers , traffic accident mitigation, as well as the free distribution of takjil and sahur meals.

Indeed, the station prepares cabins for people who wish to be vaccinated up to the third dose.

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