Regulatory policy

TikTok changes its content policy

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TikTok has updated its content regulation policies to improve the well-being of its usersbeyond the previous reforms, the same aimed, for example, to eradicate bullying and school harassment.

This is a reaction from the platform after receiving criticism for maintaining video posts offering dangerous viral rituals and content advocating behaviors related to eating disorders.

Content that promotes eating disorders, a new target to eradicate on TikTok

The platform has announced that it will remove videos with content such as those it defends bad eating habitsa decision that was made after consulting experts, researchers and doctors who conclude that some TikTok users could engage in unhealthy eating behaviors under the influence of these videos.

In addition, the reform of TikTok’s usage policies includes an extension to the elimination of all kinds of ideologies of God, harassment, insult, disregard for gender and even the defense of conversion therapies through which some promote that the sexual tendencies or preferences of individuals can be changed.

Critics directed against social networks point to the potentially dangerous viral challenges that arise there, the countless hoaxes that circulate there, and on TikTok they have offered to do what is necessary to minimize them. But not only that, but he’s also going to feature a series of tools that enable creators to offer help to its viewers in order to evaluate the content they watch.

And this is only during the third quarter of the year 2021 91 million videos have been deleted by TikTok, as the platform disclosed in its recently released Transparency Report, regarding content infringement complaints.

These videos are detected not only by the complaints themselves, but also TikTok uses a automated technology to detect them, technology which according to the platform receives constant updates to comply with the security policies in place.