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Understanding Google’s 3-Strike Policy for

London, Sept. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In June 2022, Google Ads implemented a new three-strike rule and rolled out new “non-compliance rules” for accounts.

Google will issue warnings against your Google Ads account when you have repeatedly violated certain policies, similar to the use of black-hat SEO techniques.

The new distribution in three strikes means that the first strike results in a temporary suspension of three days, the second strike means a temporary suspension of seven days. However, the third warning will result in account suspension.

However, these strikes will only apply at the account manager level and Google will send you an email notification of the warning or, unfortunately, a suspension. Google states that “warnings are issued to your Google Ads account when you repeatedly violate certain Google Ads policies. Note that no warnings are issued for the first policy violation. You may receive a maximum of three hits, and the penalties applied to each stroke will gradually increase”.

Speaking about Google’s implementation of the three strike rule, Preslava Tsenkova, Paid Media Accounts Manager at The Brains, says:

“This significant change will impact both Google ad managers and advertisers by making ad copy changes and testing more difficult to implement. Paid search managers must now focus on establishing clear guidelines for customers and brands on what is and is not allowed to be included in ad copy.

At the same time, brand and content managers will need to fully align with Google’s tone of voice and content requirements. While it was previously possible to make endless changes to ad copy without any harm, we will now need to be aware of the new policy and aim to keep ad disapprovals to a minimum.

– Preslava Tsenkova, Paid Media Account Manager, The Brains

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