Regulatory policy

Unethical government policy forced us out of our home

Dear Editor,

Below is a letter I am sending to Chief Minister Michael Gunner tomorrow.

Since you have not yet responded to my two previous letters, I do not expect a response to this letter either.

My first letter was about the continued public defamation of a subset of your constituents, and the second was about COVID-19 vaccination mandates and the potential large-scale vaccination of children against COVID-19.

That said, I couldn’t let our departure from our adopted hometown of Darwin tomorrow go unnoticed, and you need to be made aware of the consequences of your aggressive, unscientific and unethical COVID-19 public health policies, in especially vaccination mandates.

Until a few weeks ago, I had been a registered nurse for 14 years. I have now renounced my professional registration in protest at the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency’s support of COVID-19 policies like yours.

Although I have worked in several Australian jurisdictions, the vast majority of my professional experience has come from working in the Northern Territory. I qualified as a Registered Critical Care Nurse at the end of 2010 and spent a decade working at the Royal Darwin Hospital, primarily in the intensive care unit, with additional experience in donation organs and ambulatory neurosurgery.

Like many other health care workers at HDR, I have worked tirelessly in a broken and chronically underfunded system, a system that you and your bipartisan colleagues have neglected for years, if not decades.

I regularly worked as an intensive care team leader. I worked double shifts when staff were short, which was often the case. I cared for seriously ill and injured patients and their families with compassion. I defended my patients. And I respected patients’ treatment decisions even when it was difficult for me to personally identify myself.

I did all of these things because supporting and caring for people is a fundamental part of who I am.

In a regularly operating system with inadequate human resources, this was often difficult. Yet, I continued to perform at my best for years, to the detriment of my own physical and mental health.

Rather than acknowledging my significant contribution and that of others, you call me “selfish”.

My husband Matt, an Australian Army veteran who served our country in an active conflict zone in the Middle East, had been a firefighter with the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service for six and a half years. Respected by his colleagues for being a competent and professional operator, he served and protected our local community in front line emergency service duties and contributed to the continued professional development of junior and rookie firefighters.

He was unceremoniously fired from his job by the NTFRS a few days before Christmas, despite being on approved leave and not breaching any of the Director of Health’s instructions.

I have no doubt that the significance of our experiences and contributions to the Northern Territory will be lost on you as you continue to cling to the ludicrous claim that people who refuse COVID-19 vaccination are ” anti-vax idiots”.

You have already argued that losing people like my husband and I from the Northern Territories workforce to this policy is not important because it means losing “teachers who don’t believe in science” and “health care workers who don’t believe in science”. Medication’.

What a silly thought.

As a former Critical Care Registered Nurse, I can assure you that I have consulted a significant body of academic research and real-world data to determine whether or not to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

Likewise, it is abundantly clear that vaccination against COVID-19 does not stop infection and transmission, which calls into question your mandatory vaccination policy against COVID-19 scientifically, logically and ethics.

You have slandered us publicly and actively encouraged others to do the same. You have created division and hatred within our community in a misguided attempt to advance your own political position. You have twisted us and our views and tried to convince our fellow territorials that we do not deserve their respect, compassion and acceptance.

But you have underestimated our wonderful community, and despite your heinous and relentless attacks, many in our community, and nationally and even internationally, have refused to let your baseless abuses go unchecked. To these people, we say thank you. Thanks for standing

Yarn Jolly


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