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Union Budget 2022: Telecom sector expects government to put in place policy framework for 5G and digital media | Tech News

New Delhi: As Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to present the Union Budget on Feb. 1, experts have urged the government to activate the policy framework for 5G, digital media. They also sought a separate line item for the creation of national champions to increase GDP growth.

Hari Om Rai – Chairman and Managing Director of Lava International Limited said, “Making a separate budget for the creation of national champions – Acquiring strategic skills and becoming global Indian champions have remarkable potential to create national wealth and become beacons of economic progress. for India’s long-term technological and financial independence. It is imperative to develop and strengthen Indian champions to bring strategic skills and technologies and increase GDP, employment and foreign exchange.

“No further increase in tariffs in this budget as it impacts our global competitiveness. We plan to create economies of scale to create global competitiveness, value addition will follow,” he added.

Meanwhile, Vikash Jain, Managing Director and Senior Partner, said, “India is at an inflection point in leveraging technology. The last two years have demonstrated the resilience of the sector. the industry now faces emerging challenges with new operational and emerging demands for talent and skills. On the other hand, we have a huge opportunity to tackle the informal economy, the self-employed, SMEs and the underserved “Bharat”. “through technology and platforms that can create a massive virtuous circle that can drive real transformation. In addition, 5G in telecommunications, digital media and manufacturing are other big themes that are unfolding and that will all require support and an enabling policy framework to ensure this sector continues to play a pivotal role in India’s transformation story,” says Vikash Jain, Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group.”