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US lawmakers call on Biden to reform Trump-era policy on 3D-printed ghost guns – Letter

A group of Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Thursday urging him to reform Trump-era policies on 3D-printed “ghost” weapons to strengthen federal gun regulations.

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News/Sputnik – October 20, 2022) A group of Democratic lawmakers sent a letter Thursday to President Joe Biden urging him to reform Trump-era policies on 3D-printed “ghost” weapons to tighten regulation federal firearms law.

Former President Donald Trump transferred oversight of firearm exports and their technical data from the State Department to the Commerce Department, easing restrictions on the distribution of computer files used to manufacture firearms printed in 3D and their components.

“We applaud (Biden’s) commitment to protecting the public from gun violence with particular emphasis on stopping the proliferation of phantom guns,” the letter said. “As part of this priority, we believe that transferring regulatory control of 3D printed firearms and their technical data to the State Department, or modifying current Commerce Department regulations to close existing loopholes , would help prevent the proliferation of these dangerous and unobtainable weapons.

Prior to the Trump administration’s policy change, 3D printed firearms and their associated technical files were regulated under the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Controls Act of 1976.

Firearms and their data were considered articles of defense and governed by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, then-Democrat candidate Joe Biden promised to keep 3D-printed gun regulations under State Department control if elected.

The Commerce Department’s regulations and enforcement strategy for 3D-printed firearms and associated computer files are “far too narrow” and contain loopholes for those seeking to manufacture the weapons, lawmakers said.

Lawmakers, including Sen. Ed Markey and Congresswoman Grace Meng, have recommended returning regulatory authority to the State Department or revising regulations and enforcement guidelines for the Commerce Department. Lawmakers also requested information on the Biden administration’s thoughts and plans for the policy change by Nov. 9.