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VOTER GUIDE: Mike Kelly wants party policy for the nation | New

“It’s not the United States. It is a “Divided States”.

That’s how U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-16) described the current state of U.S. politics ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

Kelly, who is seeking a seventh term, is running for re-election against Democratic challenger Dan Pastore to the United States House of Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 16th congressional district.

Kelly believes this nation is at a critical point in its history, believing that a “radical minority” is running the country into the ground with its policies.

“The culture we grew up in is gone now,” Kelly said. “I’m surprised everyone isn’t outraged.”


Kelly said it’s vital for the nation, especially Pennsylvania, to take advantage of the vast natural resources it has.

He said Pennsylvania could be “America’s Saudi Arabia” with its abundance of natural gas, denying the nation’s dependence on foreign oil from places like the Middle East and the Middle East. Russia.

Kelly said the key to revitalizing the economy is tackling America’s energy crisis, so instead of relying on one or two places in the world for oil, working to produce it domestically, that that could help solve global supply chain shortages.

He is also against the idea that the use of natural gas and fossil fuels like coal are bad for the environment, saying that many power plants and coal factories use energy-efficient materials and “clean coal”. .


Kelly thinks it shouldn’t just be up to parents/guardians to decide where their children go to school, but it should be up to them to decide what their children learn in school.

He encourages them to take an active role in their children’s education, asking school boards what their children are learning.

“Kids are 100% our future,” Kelly said.

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Kelly said he loved his district but hated going to Washington D.C. because he thought whoever was in the “minority party” at the time didn’t really have a say in shaping the policies.

He said everything in DC is polarized, where voters are more concerned with their political party than policies that would benefit the public.

“It’s not pure democracy,” Kelly said. “He is motivated by a false narrative. The smallest voice deserves recognition.

He also believes that many voters have lost faith in the integrity of the country’s electoral system following the results of the 2020 presidential election, and believes that the provisions of Pennsylvania Voting Law 77, including voting by correspondence without excuse, are unconstitutional and should be implemented by an amendment to the State Constitution.


Kelly said he was proud of the hard work and dedication of his staff across his three offices. Kelly has offices in Erie, Sharon and Butler.

He said that before the COVID-19 pandemic, his offices ranked in the top three for all 535 members of Congress for three consecutive terms.

“We provide the best service to voters,” Kelly said.

Kelly said his staff would continue to help the people of District 16 thoroughly if he is re-elected, and said residents should review his accomplishments over his 12 years of service, indicating if anyone is upset with the everything, to express themselves and let it be known.

Above all, Kelly said he is most interested in helping people in his neighborhood, creating policies and securing resources to help them along the way.