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WANTED: An EU migration policy based on solidarity

A group of migrants leaving for France earlier this year. Photo: Omar Camilleri (DOI)

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFE) is an exercise in introspection carried out by this political union with the aim, as its co-president Guy Verhofstadt has said, of giving young people hope for tomorrow. The panels had important issues to discuss and the recommendations from the citizens were multi-faceted. In the panel that discussed the place of the EU in the world and migration, the suggestions of EU citizens were clear: migrants should be treated fairly and well and support should be provided by the EU so that the reception that migrants receive is the same in all countries and the treatment is also identical, fast and transparent.


EU autonomy

  • Prioritize the promotion of products made in Europe in order to reduce extra-European dependencies.
  • Reduce dependence on oil and gas in favor of cleaner technologies.
  • The EU should also promote the cultural shift from the private car to public transport, electric car sharing and cycling.
  • The EU should ensure that all EU production and sourcing processes and imported goods comply with European quality, ethical, sustainable standards and all applicable European human rights standards
  • Europe-wide program to support small local producers in strategic sectors in all Member States
  • Improve the implementation of human rights at European level through awareness raising and strict enforcement of compliance through different types of sanctions


  • Create a labor migration system to the EU based on the real needs of European labor markets with a unified system of recognition of professional and academic qualifications through a European cooperation network of labor services ‘use.
  • More power and independence for Frontex to intervene so that it can ensure the protection of all the external borders of the EU. However, the EU should organize process audits on the organization of Frontex, because full transparency is necessary in the functioning of Frontex to avoid all kinds of abuse.
  • Skills screening for migrants on claimed skills, with screening based on public and available criteria.
  • Reception policy and facilities at each border must be the same, respect human rights and ensure the safety and health of all migrants

Business Relations and Ethics

  • Imposing restrictions on the importation of products from countries that allow child labor. This should be done through a corporate blacklist that is periodically updated based on current conditions.
  • Form partnerships with developing countries, support their infrastructure and share skills in exchange for mutually beneficial trade agreements to help them transition to green energy sources.
  • Introduce a mandatory eco-score to be displayed on the front of all products that can be purchased by the general public.

International climate action

  • Switch to autonomous energy production
  • Adopt stricter environmental standards for the export of waste inside and outside the EU and stricter controls and penalties to stop illegal exports.
  • There should be increased collaboration around the assessment of the use of nuclear energy and its role in Europe’s transition to green energy
  • The EU should be closer to citizens and strengthen citizens’ participation in EU politics with direct involvement of citizens.

Security and Defense

  • The “joint armed forces of the European Union” are mainly used for self-defence purposes. Any aggressive military action of any kind is excluded. Within Europe, this would imply a support capacity in times of crisis as well as in the event of a natural disaster.
  • All questions decided unanimously are changed to be decided by qualified majority. The only exceptions should be the admission of new members to the EU and changes to the fundamental principles of the EU.
  • The European Union should strengthen its capacity to sanction Member States, governments, entities, groups or organizations as well as individuals who do not respect its fundamental principles, agreements and laws.

Neighboring countries and enlargement

  • Allocate a specific budget to develop educational programs on the functioning of the EU and its values ​​to be integrated into curricula at different levels.
  • Improve your media strategy
  • Agree on a strong vision and a common strategy in order to harmonize and consolidate the identity and unity of the EU before allowing accession to other countries
  • The European Union should participate actively in the economic development of countries outside the European Union and from which there is a significant flow of migrants.
  • Adopt a common European labor framework, thereby harmonizing working conditions across the Union (eg minimum wage, working time, etc.). The EU should try to create common basic labor standards to prevent the migration of citizens who leave their country of origin in search of better working conditions.
  • The implementation of a common and collective migration policy in the EU based on the principle of solidarity. We want to focus on the refugee problem.
  • The EU should step up its efforts to inform and educate the citizens of the Member States on migration-related topics. This should be achieved by educating children, as early as possible, from the start of primary school, on topics such as migration and integration.
  • Reception and accommodation structures must be improved. The creation of a specific EU control body should be crowned for the implementation of the regulation. Since the existing Directive is not implemented uniformly in all Member States.
  • Each asylum seeker and refugee, during the process of the residence procedure, follows language and integration courses. Courses should be compulsory, free and include personal assistance for initial integration.

Distribution of migration

  • Replace the Dublin system with a more balanced, fair and proportionate distribution of asylum seekers based on solidarity and social justice.
  • The EU must support Member States in processing asylum applications to ensure a faster pace and fair standards.
  • Strong financial, logistical and operational support to manage the first reception.
  • Extend the mandate of the EU Agency for Asylum to be strengthened to coordinate and manage the distribution of asylum seekers within EU Member States in order to achieve a fair distribution
  • Establish asylum centers for unaccompanied minors in all EU Member States without delay
  • Create a common and transparent system to deal with the rapid processing of asylum seekers. There should be a complete overhaul of all agreements and legislation governing asylum and immigration in Europe and adopt an “all Europe” approach.

Find the recommendations of Panel 4 here


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