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With electric vehicle policy in mind, Delhi will have 18,000 new charging stations by 2024

Delhi is expected to have 18,000 vehicle charging points by 2024. Five battery swap piers will be considered one charging point, according to a report by mint. The Delhi government set the target based on electric vehicle (EV) sales projections for 2024.

According to projections, 25% of all vehicle registrations by 2024 will be electric vehicles. The Ministry of Transport released the Charge/Exchange Infrastructure Action Plan for Delhi 2022-25 on Monday, making the announcement.

The plan also states that currently Delhi has 2,452 charging stations spread across 1,919 locations. It aims to provide a charging point for 15 electric vehicles by 2024. The station will be accessible within 3 km from anywhere in the city, the mint indicated report.

“The need for public charging varies by segment and use case. Considering the penetration of electric vehicles and the public charging needs of different vehicle segments and use cases, a charger to EV ratio of 1 :15 translates to approximately 18,000 charging points would be needed to meet the need for electric vehicles by 2024,” the plan states.

Under this plan, charging station operators, battery swap operators, advanced chemical battery manufacturers, delivery service providers, fleet owners and electric distribution companies (discoms ) should be collected by the Delhi government.

The government notified the Delhi EV policy on 7 August 2020. Currently, the state transport department is the nodal department for the implementation of the policy.

“Since then, the deployment of EV charging and exchange infrastructure in the Delhi NCT has seen steady adoption. This steady adoption has been made possible by the rigorous implementation of Delhi’s EV policy mandates “, said the department. mint.

Among the major segments that aim to accelerate are passenger rickshaws. In 2021, the government approved 4,200 new permits for these cars. Drivers are also offered training and financial assistance.