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WV groups remain at odds over climate policy

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — West Virginia organizations are expressing varying degrees of support as Sen. Joe Manchin (D, WV) announced he would not support a federal economic package that raises taxes and includes climatic arrangements.

The West Virginia Climate Alliance and the West Virginia Coal Association have both released statements, which show the polarized views on climate legislation in the state.

The Coal Association hailed Manchin’s move, saying expanding renewables or even the ability to phase out fossil fuels would “quickly wipe out our state’s coal industry and thousands of West Virginians who depend on revenue.” of those jobs in West Virginia.”

The association said it was not surprised by Sen. Manchin’s support for West Virginia’s 318,000 coal jobs. “We have the utmost respect and appreciation for Senator Manchin’s energy insight and all that he has done to keep West Virginia coal healthy and part of our nation’s energy mix.” According to the West Virginia Coal Association, warnings about possible blackouts and brownouts across the country are the result of the shutdown of coal-fired power plants in America.

On the other hand, the West Virginia Climate Alliance plans to gather at Senator Manchin’s office on Monday to show their disapproval of his opinion. The alliance said Senator Manchin is delaying legislation that will pay for “a desperately needed project to help our climate and our workers.”

The Climate Alliance, which has also requested a face-to-face meeting with Senator Manchin, has sent a letter to Manchin, which may be read here. “Every day we delay action on the climate crisis makes our weather more extreme and implementing solutions that much harder,” said Founder Perry Bryant.

The letter also mentioned the recent flooding in McDowell County, West Virginia, where 100 homes were damaged, attributing it and other recent natural disasters to climate change. “Appalachia residents are among the hardest hit by the effects of climate change…Senator Manchin has an opportunity to facilitate meaningful change for his constituents, and yet he chooses to walk away from legislation that could help mitigate these sufferings.

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